It’s amazing once you discovered how doing tasks you don’t really like can hold you back in your growth. It causes procrastination and it will hold you back. 10 Tiny service investments for your biz + blog that will help you grow massively (max $35) can make all the difference. Sometimes, a small investment can make a huge impact on your life, blog or business.

I decided to add a few micro investments, so I can help as much people as possible! Exactly THESE things that helped me grow all those years. Sometimes it’s scary to do a big investment. To hire someone for a few hundred bucks a month if you’re not even sure if you’ll actually make enough money to pay yourself. I tried to think of an amount that most people dare to invest but that’s not too low that I’d outprice myself. Or actually, I still did but I’m all about helping as much people as possible and it would be a great start so we can get to know each other.

It’s not very common that people offer micro investment services but I’m happy to. I know, you can get everything for $5 at Fiverr, but really, I don’t think the quality is worth it. I took a few of my services + VApreneur’s most booked packages, and created a micro investment option. Curious how you can grow your biz + blog right now?

If you book your tiny investment, we’ll try to deliver your service within 48 hours. You know, Get Sh*t. Done. Now. Book your tiny investment now.

  1. Blog review
  2. Social Media review
  3. SEO review / list of keywords
  4. Free Publicity plan
  5. Business Plan
  6. Revenue Planning (how do you get X amount)
  7. Business coaching
  8. Social Media content for the week
  9. Your first 15 general press contacts
  10. Pinterest images for the week