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Do you want to learn something you can repeat over and over again to help grow your biz or blog?


  • Struggle with reaching new audiences
  • Struggle with growing your business and tribe (without expensive marketing tools) 
  • Hustle hard for every sale you make
  • Don't feel like the niche leader
  • Never receive requests for features or interviews
  • Want to take your business to the next level, a more professional and respected level
  • You have problems with growing your business and brand in an organically way

The perfect solution:

The answer to grow your business and brand organically, to become the authority in your niche for free?




Master the Media, press coverage NOW: in 3 months your biz or blog's first press mentions is the step by step guide to free publicity for businesses that shows you how to have your business mentioned in the media (for free!)


What if.. you could make more sales or reach more people with less effort? 

That's what free publicity can do. Make one connection and reach thousands of potential followers, clients or buyers. Stop cold calling - e-mailing and hustling for every single follower and customer. Stop working so hard on your projects that it leaves not enough time to book more clients or find new customers. Enjoy the extra hours you'll have in the day to do what you really love: creating and working on your core biz? Or will you enjoy the free hours doing what you really love - spending time with your family/friends or traveling? 

Enroll now in Master the Media to learn a new business skill and move forward - fast - with your biz or blog. 


Enroll now

in Master the media and move forward with your biz


(More) press attention

Don't wait till they find you, reach out actively to journalists & get featured!

More sales & clients within less time

Reach more people within less time and turn them in to clients or sales! 

More fans & followers

Fans are fun.. especially if they're authentic and not bought. 

Time to do the things you really love and finally enjoy life instead of 24/7 working!

For me that's traveling, for you?

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"I'm a solopreneur and I know I'm good at what I do, but I seriously fail at letting the world know what I do. I'm an introvert and I have a hard time promoting myself (I feel very narcissistic or even like a fraud when I promote myself) and because this course and the personal 1 on 1 accountability bonus, I felt like I could do it for once. In the end I made about $4500,- by finding new ways to earn money and by reaching new people! Definitely worth to put more effort in your press strategy, over any other paid strategy!"
- Maria
"I just gave my first interview to an international established blog. I'm so happy. Tomorrow I've scheduled another interview for a feature with a few quotes from me as a niche leader. I did it within 21 days, so imagine what I can do within the 3 month's promise!"
- Emily
"Working with Noni was a great success for our program and sales, I can definitely recommend it to businesses who need a little bit more press attention. Via Noni we found our program on different locations, sometimes a great surprise (my favourite paper!) and we made a lot more sales. So we made back our investment easily within 2 weeks." 
-De Nieuwe Liefde
"I tried the Oh My Press Beta program while I was launching my business. Result? I fully booked out the first month (I didn't accepted clients for the months after that because I wasn't really ready). I learned so much I didn't learn at University PLUS tons of stuff you can't find online, like how things ACTUALLY work + the template drafts of emails and systems are priceless. The payment plan makes it really doable, it's an investment for new bloggers or biz owners but before I never really understood how important PR is for a successful biz - I proved it is! I know Master the Media is the quicker program, only 5 weeks or so, but I can imagine the knowledge you gain from this course will last for life"
-Veronica Vos

As seen in:

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Your life before
Master the Media:


Your life after
Master the Media: 

  • You're still waiting for your big breakthrough. 
  • You barely ever receive requests for interviews, questions, internships or other interesting opportunities in your inbox. 
  • You're ready to take your company, blog or personal brand to the next level.
  • You feel like you've maximized your ability to promote and attract new clients and followers.
  • You never really get what PR is and how to break in to it if you have zero contacts.
  • You're wondering how to spend zero on marketing and make the best out of free publicity.
  • You want to turn your press features in to an income increase.
  • You're in desperate need of organizing the whole press process, your contacts and information (for free..!)
  • You want to know how to deal with negative PR (ugh, we don't like that but sometimes, you know, (sh)it happens.).
  • You're sick and tired of bagging people for money (display ads on your blog, active client search etc.) and would like to skip this so you can focus on your real passion: being creative and the boss of your brand, blog or biz. 
  • You feel like never really moving forward with your business. You might have enough customers or clients, but you're ready for the next level. More fans, followers and income.
  • You don't feel like your hard work is really appreciated. You should be a thought leader. 
  • You still feel like 'playing around' with your blog or biz, instead of going 100% for it.
  • You need a monthly and clear strategy. 
  • You're ready to work hard for something once, instead of just running a passive biz and just going with the flow.
  • You are tired of sending out hundreds of cold pitches every month to find new clients.
  • You're looking for some structure in your working life.
  • You feel like a fakepreneur; you have a few clients or customers, but are afraid to really tell people you are an entrepreneur or full-time blogger because you honestly don't feel like one.
  • You feel like a fakepreneur: you work hard, 24/7 but don't make any or enough money. You did not make any money the past few months... you need to refocus!
  • You feel uninspired and you need some new energy to kickstart your blog or biz.
  • You're wondering how to spend zero on marketing and make the best out of free publicity.
  • You're ready to take your company or blog to the next level.
  • You're looking for some structure in your working life. 


  • UHH DUH, you want to see your face in your favorite magazine.
  • You'll have your breakthrough, people will come to you instead of you endlessly pitching and contacting others. 
  • You'll give your first interviews.\
  • You can add the 'As Seen In' graphic soon to your site.
  • You'll receive more and more requests over time from bloggers and journalists interested in your knowledge. They'll come to you!
  • You'll have professional PR knowledge, knowledge you usually only learn in the work field – not in books or in school. 
  • You'll know how to leverage your press coverage and how to turn them in to sales.
  • You won't freak out when people talk or write something negative about you. You'll just follow the steps and deal with it – like a boss. 
  • You'll have an annual strategy that steadily promotes you around the clock.
  • You'll have more time for doing what you love to do, creating and running your business. Instead of hustling hard. 
  • You'll have a big list with journalists you can contact over and over again. 
  • You'll have a simplified strategy including templates that makes the free publicity easy to follow time after time. 
  • You'll take your business serious, the more people know about what you do, the more you'll have to work towards a professional business. 
  • You will have daily tasks that helps you move your business forward, even on uninspired days
  • You know how to reach new audiences and how to fully reach each potential
  • You won't procrastinate like before, you now know how to do useful business activities that help you towards making more money
  • You make fully use of your network instead of neglecting it
  • You won't feel bored with your business ever again. 
  • You know how to market yourself for free, but also where to invest if you want to grow faster
  • You take your business serious and you feel proud of your business
  • You know where to put effort in if you want to run a successful and professional business. 
  • You know how to leverage your network to never cold pitch again!

Before I forget, let me introduce myself

Hi, I'm Noni May!

After 12 years of blogging, 5+ years in PR and 9 months of non-stop traveling the world, it was time to create Master the Media

In Oh My Press and Master the Media I'll tell you everything I know about PR. And that's a lot, thanks to my unique combination of working in the PR field ánd being a blogger/journalist. Master the Media, is my evergreen PR course that will get you started right now with free publicity. 

I reach out to bloggers during the day time, and read PR companies' emails during the night when I devote my time to written adventures. And to be honest, those emails annoy me a lot. Some companies don't get it. Don't be one of them. Make me fall in love with your biz, so I'd want to write about you instead of click 'unsubscribe'. All you need, is Master the Media. 

This course is for: 

Bloggers: grow your audience and revenue, get authority and become a blogger that stands out and people will remember with Master the Media! With your single efforts you'll reach thousands of potential followers. 

Business owners: PR is essential in every business and an easy way to get it done is by hiring a PR agency. But is it the smart way? I won't say so - it's better to learn the basics yourself or assign this course to one of your employers. It only takes a couple of hours a week but the results will blow you and your business away. How does more consumers, clients or revenue sound? With your single efforts you'll reach thousands of potential buyers + brand ambassadors.

Solopreneurs + Freelancers: If you're having a hard time getting booked out all the time, this is your course. If you're ready to take on more clients, become a leader in your niche and let the world know how awesome you are, check out Master the Media. Not only will give certain press mentions lead to more authority in your niche, it will also lead to a certain satisfying feeling - you aren't just doing this for you, people love what you do. Stop pitching to single clients, pitch to one journalist, get featured and reach thousands of people and potential clients! 

Creatives: You're creating awesome work but the world doesn't know about you. No worries, this course got you covered! Let's create some magic alright? You deserve to shine, and this course can help you. Of course, being a creative or artist isn't always just creating. It's also promoting yourself and your work and getting assignments or sell your work. This course will teach you how to promote yourself, present the right information to the right persons to have your work published and reach thousands of potential buyers + establish yourself as a professional artist. 

Photographers: As a photographer It's essential to learn how to pitch to journalists, magazines and bloggers the right way so they will feature you. If you're building a relationship with journalists and magazines, you're more likely to get assignments from them. This course will also cover how to present your photos to journalist and submit the right way. I've founded (former) Unicorn/Dream magazine and have seen thousands of pitches. I'll tell all about it in the course - why certain pitches worked and why some didn't. 

PR & marketing pro's: Working in the PR field already but feel like you need a little bit more knowledge to succeed more often? Or maybe you're into marketing but would benefit of some PR knowledge? This course can help you get your systems in order, get the right tone of voice and preparations for your press attack and enjoy learning some things you haven't learned in school. 

Anyone who's ready to launch something new: Is your product or whatever you're launching ready to go big? This course will teach you how to present your future product to the press the right way. I've done this several times myself - I'll tell you how I got half a million readers the first week I launched my online magazine.



DISCLAIMER: The course is a step-by-step proces of what works for my clients and me based on years of experiences and experiments. But please know that you have to put in some work and time into this course in order to make this the success story I know you are! ;)

What happens after you enroll? 

  • Directly after enrolling you'll receive an email confirmation and welcome package email with all the information you need! 
  • In order to succeed its necessary for you to start with Module 1 and work your way up to module 5. Every week a new module will be available until the full course is available after 4 weeks. Module 1 will be available immediately. 
  • You'll become a member of my VIP list! I'll keep you posted and I often send out exclusive bonuses to my VIP list. Resources you can use to grow your business.  
  • You can always contact me or my team if you're in doubt or if you have questions! Click here.


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Payment options: what are the options?

You can pay $197 at once or 3x$59,-. Click here for this option. And here for the $ option

Will there be updates?

Yes! We add new content and bonuses every 3 - 6 months, and every few months we'll upgrade the videos and add content, we love hearing feedback! 

Will the price always be $197?

No, the price of the course will increase later, so don't wait too long enrolling!

Do I have to have some PR knowledge already?

Nope :) I'll start with the basis, and work my way up to very advanced strategies used in million dollar companies to grow.

What’s the difference between Master the Media and Oh My Press?

Oh My Press: in 3 months your biz or blog's first media mentions covers everything you need to know about free publicity, press, PR, journalists and has 10 - 12 modules, covers more examples of pitch emails you can use and how to not only do PR  without a Pr budget, but also a step by step guide to how turn your press coverage in to more sales/bookings/income. Master the Media is a 5 module course and covers the most important basics to start right now with a PR strategy (without a budget). I'll hand you the right tools (all free), a calendar, a strategy and all the basics you need to start right now! 

What's the difference between PR and Free Publicity and what's for me?

This course specifically will focus on free publicity.. this way your media mentions won't cost you a thing. I'd say PR is a little bit broader, adding stuff like social media marketing in the mix too, I'll just focus on press attention without paying for it in this course.

Can I really make more sales while working less and focussing on PR?

Yep, I've done it myself. I have a publishing company but devote a few hours every week to PR to keep growing, and reaching more people at once than sending single emails. Make yourself visible and have others spot you, instead of the other way around.

Do I have to have my own press contacts already?

No, I'll teach you how you can make your first press contacts as well as how to find the right press contacts (what works really depends on your blog or biz's niche and topic).

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts immediately after enrolment! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. The full course has 6 modules (covering several topics, each with tutorial videos) and a bonus module with a lot of bonuses! Each week a new module will be available!

What do I have to buy to start with PR?

Nothing! If you follow this course, I'll tell how how to 'PR' for free. Absolutely free! If you need something paid, I'll make sure you can get it for free! So this course is the only investment baby!

Do I have to spend money on advertisement or deals?

Nope, I learn people about free publicity!

I already know about PR.

Ok.. so if your press releases are picked up every time you send one out - this course isn't for you. But if you need your systems in order, write more readable press releases that will be picked up.. this is your course!

Is this course only interesting if I'm launching a new company soon?

No. It will definitely help you launch a new company - but the trick is to be in the media at all times - all year around. This course includes a calendar that will help you stay in the media!

What if I follow the course and I can't get my media attention?

To be honest, I can't guarantee anything. I wish I could, but I can't. But I'll teach you the systems + templates and strategies that work for me - and my clients. PR needs some work - it doesn't come for free (haha - ok it does but it needs some work). My strategies previously worked in multiple niches and for people ('famous entrepreneurs') and businesses. It wouldn't be fair if I'd guarantee it will work for everybody, but I'm confident enough to teach my systems with a soft promise it will work within 3 months if you put in the work. You have to complete the course, put in the efforts and hours to get there and I think you will! If not, I've added the VIP option, that comes with a free consultation + press package check by Noni May. The course is a step by step program - so don't think, just start and I'd love love love to see your results!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 14 days and I will give you a full refund. Check out the refund policy here.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Can I sign up for the newsletter to stay updated about the next opening? I don't really have the money now.

Yes, sign up to my newsletter here, but good news: Master the Media will be available for an unlimited time! So no rush, other than that the price will increase!