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Looking for a creative remote job? The Wanderlust and Company remote job board is the right place! We post the best jobs for (aspiring) digital nomads! 

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Who wants to live more and work less? The ultimate digital nomad shop! 

Travel essentials, travel guides, digital nomad must haves, productivity + business checklists, courses and more! Just have a look!

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Yes! All things digital nomad, from travel tips, travel guides, starting up, blog + biz tips and self development! 

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I’m committed to helping bloggers, small biz owners, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & professionals create a business + life they’re happy about through awesome automations, content marketing/SEO, PR/free publicity, the right tools for an awesome digital nomad lifestyle and kick-ass photography! Get in touch now to see how we can work together  (or support and buy me an airport cup of coffee)!



Hey you, blogger or creative entrepreneur, is your business ready for the next level?



  • Struggle with reaching new audiences
  • Struggle with growing your business and tribe (without expensive marketing tools) 
  • Hustle hard for every sale you make
  • Don't feel like the niche leader
  • Never receive requests for features or interviews
  • Want to take your business to the next level, a more professional and respected level
  • You have problems with growing your business and brand in an organically way

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$5k in 21-days is a 21-day course that challenges you to
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  • You can use a new computer, want to invest in marketing and want to take that girls/family/solo adventure but don't have the money (yet). 
  • You're ready to take your company or blog to the next level.
  • You make enough money to survive, but still wait (very passively) to your big breakthrough (quick truth bomb: that passive income 6-figure business promise is fake! You need to put in the work)
  • You feel uninspired and you need some new energy to kickstart your blog or biz.
  • You're wondering how to spend zero on marketing and make the best out of free publicity.
  • You watch too much Netflix and you make just enough money to get by.. 
  • You still feel like 'playing around' with your blog or biz, instead of going 100% for it.
  • You need a monthly and clear strategy. 
  • You're ready to work hard for something once, instead of just running a passive biz and just going with the flow.
  • You are tired of sending out hundreds of cold pitches every month to find new clients.
  • You feel like a fakepreneur; you have a few clients or customers, but are afraid to really tell people you are an entrepreneur or full-time blogger because you honestly don't feel like one.
  • You feel like a fakepreneur: you work hard, 24/7 but don't make any or enough money. You did not make any money the past few months... you need to refocus! 
  • You're looking for some structure in your working life. 
  • UHH DUH, you want to make (an extra) $5000,- in the next 21 days! 

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