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Destination Digital Nomad


Are you ready to take off,

explore the world,

quit your job


work remotely? 



Destination Digital Nomad
A course for aspiring digital nomads who'd like to become location independent, so you can do the things you truly love. 

Say goodbye to living the live that everybody else has planned for you. Design your life the way you want to live. 


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... are sick and tired working 5 days a week, from 9 - 5

... you want to travel more, whenever YOU want

... you want to take your online business to the next level of automations so you can enjoy more time with your family or on the road

... want to do 100% your own thing, without society's expectations

... you're ready to start an online business, so you can work location independently, whenever you want, wherever you want

... you want to learn how to make money on the road

... you're ready for a new adventure! 


This course will help you! 

My course Destination Digital Nomad is the DIY step by step guide to become location independent, to travel cheaper and longer and to earning money on the road. I finally created something where I answer all the questions I receive on a daily basis:

✓ How do you transfer in to the location independent lifestyle? 
✓ How do you make money without working? (yes this is really possible!)
✓ Where do I start? 
✓ How do you automate things so you don't have to work all the time? 
✓ What if it doesn't work out? 
✓ How do you combine working and traveling, do you see the countries you're in? 
✓ What is a digital nomad? 
✓ How do you make money? 
✓ What if I don't have the right skills? 
✓ Why should I become a digital nomad? 
✓ How do you meet other people and nomads on the road? 
✓ How do you deal with the tech part? 
✓ What are digital nomad essentials? 
✓ Find out where the wifi is?!
✓ How to stay safe on the road? 
✓ How do you keep your business and life backed up when you have no location? 



These are just a few of the questions answered in Destination Digital Nomad, so enroll, travel & start earning!



What if... I told you it's possible to travel full-time, make money on the road, earn money when you're exploring a country and still run a successful business?


This is what successful digital nomads do. Ditch your 9-5 for an exciting life, less working, more playing. That's exactly what thousands of digital nomads are doing all around the world. Stop paying for expensive airfares and hotels, stop the 9 - 5, stop working for somebody else and start building your own dream. 

Enroll in Destination Digital Nomad now and start living the location independent lifestyle and move towards financial freedom! 


*The term 'digital nomad' in this course stands for 'becoming location independent'. You don't have to travel per se, but there is a whole module if you want to. The course doesn't covers the administration side of being a digital nomad, because this might vary from country to country. 

Enroll now in Destination Digital Nomad and start traveling the world! 



destination digital nomad, YOU'LL GET:

  • At least 8 modules of text and visuals that'll cover everything from creating your online business (+ checklists!), decluttering, finding sweet deals and gaining financial freedom to a quick marketing class, how to automate your life + biz and how to stay safe. Online and offline. 
  • Worksheets, templates and a lovely workbook (I loooove filling these in, you too?).
  • 2 emails to the Wanderlust and Company team, we will personally answer your questions! 
  • All upcoming updates: We'll update/add bonuses every 3 - 6 months to make the course and your experience better! 

Your investment: $67


Course Details


Before you get started

Module 1: Prepare, prepare, prePAre

Module 2: Creating a location independent business

Module 3: money matters first

Module 4: travel planning + staying organiZed

Module 5: Automate your life and stay productive

Module 6: Safety (digital + travel safety)

Module 7: 50+ recourses for digital nomads


  • You're ready to take the direction of your life back, and take your life to the next level, a life you truly want to live.
  • You get that it will not be an easy transformation, and it will not happen overnight, it's hard work but it's SO worth it! 
  • You're ready to make some drastic lifestyle changes.
  • You want to learn about better traveling, how to travel for cheap (or free) and how to organize full-time traveling.
  • You want to learn things quick, and just the most important things, so this course doesn't take hours and hours of self study in order to complete it. 



So are you ready to take off?


enroll now in the course for the special pre-order introduction sale price or wait and pay the full price!